Great news! Boudicca (my computer) is back up and running. (Well, she’s not 100%, but she’s getting there.) Always remember to backup your hard drive before updating your operating system. Just a helpful tip there, kids.

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  1. Excellent tip. Back in the PB days I never really minded having to reinstall OS X every week b/c it was so much easier than it was for Classic OS, at least as far as getting all your 3rd party stuff to work. Pre-OSX things were all over the place, and managing extensions was a real nightmare. With OS X, I just keep the system folders untouched and any 3rd party stuff goes into my user folder. So if I need to back up I know (almost) everything’s in one place. If an installer (other than Apple’s) tries to put stuff into /Applications, I just move it to ~/Applications. Ditto for pref. panes and the like. So far, I have had no need for kernel extensions or that kind of thing so this system works pretty good. If this were an actual multi-user system I guess I would have to mess around with /Library more, but it isn’t, so I don’t. Not too shabby.

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