Ladies and gentlemen… Introducing Couch Cam! You should be able to see it over there on the right. Yes, that’s my actual couch in my actual living room (and probably my actual ass parked on it). The camera is located on a shelf about two feet above our TV. It’s currently set up to upload a new image every five minutes while we’re online. Keep in mind, though, that Sydney is about 15 hours ahead of Indiana time, so you Yanks can only expect to see us during your wee morning and evening hours.

Since the home page was getting rather image heavy, I’ve broken the big repeating header image down into four parts, any one of which will randomly show up when you hit the page. It loads pretty quickly on my crappy modem, but let me know if you have any difficulties.


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  1. loving the couch cam. 😉

  2. I’m not. It’s becoming glaringly apparent how much time I spend on the damn thing! In my defense, we only have one desk and the dining table is covered with my sewing machine and stuff, so the couch has become my defacto work area.

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