Fantastic news! The Snook and I are going to be moving! Our lease on the apartment is up and we’ve been looking for a place nearby with more space. On the weekend he spotted an adorable little house a few blocks away, and we both went back yesterday morning to inspect it. It’s soooo nice. All hardwood floors, lovely tiled courtyard in the back, two bedrooms (one of which will become our office), everything renovated and nice. We filled out applications immediately and today we found out that we got it! July 12th will be moving day. I can hardly wait!


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  1. your new place sounds amazing. congratulations!

  2. now you’re cooking with gas! and an claw foot bath? you’re doing a good job of sweetening the deal for out-of-town visitors. 😉

    not a bad deal for US$900 (these guys helped with the math).

  3. Oh my god, that sounds so dope! Get a pic up, and STAT! I can’t wait to see it. Also, keep in mind that you are paying about the same as me and Amy here for a one-bed in Chicago, you lucky dog.

  4. The bathroom is one of the not-so-nice-but-acceptable bits actually, brigita. It’s an old, old place, so they never originally had indoor plumbing. The bathroom is an addition at the back, and it’s not the most modern or anything, but we’ll live. We loved it for the floors and the courtyard and the extra space. They’ve completely redone the inside, too, and the walls are all original brick with these awesome molded ceilings with those sculpted round flower things that hold the light fixtures. I’ll definitely put up pics when I can. Unfortunately there are still people living there, so I don’t think there’s any chance of us getting in before the 12th.

    And there definitely WILL be a futon or something in that second bedroom for visitors! And keep in mind that it’s summer here during your winter! 🙂

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