Meg came up with a fantastic new way to have fun with Google, and now everybody‘s doing it. Now it’s my turn.

Kris is

  1. Home!
  2. also an Emmy-award winning investigative reporter.
  3. a seven time U.S. National Unicycling champion.
  4. believed to have originated in Java, Indonesia in the 14th century by a Janggalo king named Inakto Pali.
  5. proud to have won these fine awards!
  6. the distinctive weapon of Indonesia and Malaysia.
  7. a leader in the Akron real estate community.
  8. a board member of the newly formed Vizsla Rescue Fund.
  9. also the sire of BLISSFUL KRIS, winner of the 2001 Florida Stallion Stakes MY DEAR GIRL DIVISION.
  10. not so grainy now 🙂
  11. reputed to be able to fly by night and seek out victims (their owners’ enemies, presumably) without a guiding hand.
  12. unable to sign CDs ordered through the mail.
  13. a Windows-based computer program that allows easy access to data tables, charts, photographs and bibliographic materials relevant to fisheries, water quality and watershed management.

Wow. (I edited out some of the more boring ones.) This is too fun. Here’s a few for the Snook.

Rodd is

  1. godd.
  2. the Vice President of Corporate Development.
  3. busy as chair of the East Asian Languages and Civilizations department of the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  4. quality.
  5. a human jukebox.

Who are you?


Add yours →

  1. Actually, the last time I checked, if you google me, it’s me 🙂 go marching hundred.

  2. National Unicycling champion. Wow!

  3. stefanie (who else?)

    June 22, 2002 — 2:52 am

    ooh — that’s so much fun… according to Google, Stefanie is:
    –about to appear in The Vagina Monologues
    –a truth seeker and truth seer
    –a wannabe


  4. Lots of fun! I tried it with and w/o quotation marks; definately better w/o! I’ve posted both results.

  5. My friend Major did this with his girlfriend’s name and was shocked to see stuff like, “Steph is 11 weeks pregnant… Steph is in a wheelchair… Steph is going into chemo next week.” He doesn’t like this game anymore. 🙂

  6. wow… I just tried this and your homepage was the second result for “Kris is”

  7. Very cool! I had no idea. It didn’t use to be that way. Thanks for letting me know!

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