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  1. Here’s the question: mp3 CD or regular CD. Now, the mp3 CD gives you way more songs, but regular CD length is the clear standard for mix length. Filling up a whole mp3 CD for a “mix tape” seems a bit unwieldy. Tape/CD size mixes have a kind of intimacy also (as in High Fidelity). It’s a tough call. I am leaning toward mp3 cd I guess.

  2. I prefer the regular CD. Like you said, an mp3 CD just doesn’t say “mix tape” to me. And besides, if you’re gonna send mp3’s, you might as well just set up an FTP server somewhere and do it that way. It just feels impersonal to me. Whereas with an audio CD, I’m free to rip them back to mp3 if I want, but I can also play it in my stereo. And besides, I’m too lazy to pick out that many songs. 🙂

  3. Ooops I guess I’m gonna be left out. You have to be a “member” to be in the swap and no new memberships are being accepted currently. It’s like middle school all over again!

  4. Crap. Well, Max and Chris will hopefully run a sequel to their non-Mefi exchange soon.

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