Is it wrong to find shirtless Ned Flanders from the “Oh Streetcar!” episode of The Simpsons kinda sexy? I mean, I know it’s Flanders and all, but he’s ripped! (Snookums is rolling his eyes at me.)


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  1. no. i find the cartoon head of conan o’brien that appears at the beginning of each episode sexy. and achim always thought that was ridiculous.

  2. Homer would grudgingly approve of your attraction, Kris–remember when he couldn’t get the image of Flanders in a skin-tight (and bulbous-buttocks-emphasizing) skiing outfit out of his head? “Stupid sexy Flanders!”

    Isn’t “Streetcar” a great episode? (My favorite line comes from Bart:”Mom, will there be any jive-talking robots in this play?”) I show it in class to go with my unit on the actual play. Apu’s “Paperboy” song cracks up the room year after year.

  3. STELLA!!!!!!! He is rather cut, isn’t he? Since lots of guys find Jessica Rabbit/Ariel/etc strangely attractive, I don’t think many people would begrudge you a ‘crush’on Flanders 😉 That’s of my all-time favorite episodes (I find the ‘Ayn Rand School for Tots’ subplot particularly hilarious…)

  4. Ned is pretty sexy. Remember that episode when Maude died, and Homer was making a video personal for Ned? OMG, the shower scene! Woo! It appears by the size of the censor-blur that Ned is rather well-endowed. ;D

  5. completely normal. yum

  6. Max- I was just going to quote that! You got to it before me. *sigh* Hey, on a separate note, Smithers may come out as definitively gay, I hear. He’s on the cover of the Free Press here in Chicago.

  7. TD – that announcement is about as shocking as Rosie’s. 🙂 I mean, he’s the world’s foremost collector of Malibu Stacy dolls!

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