Question: Do you guys prefer comment windows that pop up, or comments listed on an archive page? As you know, my site uses the latter. It’d be pretty trivial to bring pop-ups back on the home page, though, if people want them. (The archive pages would still remain as they are.) Whaddaya think?


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  1. I think I prefer it the way it is now.

  2. Hmmmm. I think it depends on my mood. Most of the time, tho….I like the pop-up kind. It’s cool, either way. I’m adaptable 🙂

  3. no we hates popupsies. sssss.

  4. Mia – nice blog! I love the title. I want a WWBSD bracelet. 🙂

  5. I’m not a big fan of the pop-ups either. MT has them as a default, and I quickly got rid of them.

  6. Ahhh, see, all you MT folks were the reason I started second guessing myself!

  7. I used to prefer pop-ups, but I gotta say, I’m back to keeping them on my entry page again now *shrugs*

  8. I’m with Bill–I like going over to the archive page. Now I gotta learn how to get rid of the pop-ups on my site.

  9. I prefer the comments being on the archive page. Pop-up windows are a pain.

  10. The pop-up comments option requires javascript, and more than 10 percent of surfers have disabled javascript either by choice or because they’ve been required to do so (this is a growing trend in corporations where stressed IT support folks simply find life easier if java, javascript, and Flash are disabled). That’s why I don’t use them for comments. (I do, however, use them begrudgingly for thumbnail photos that pop up to full size when clicked because I have to create those manually, and the pop-up window is an easy Dreamweaver extension.)

  11. Thanks for the input, you guys, and for the great explanation, Ron. I prefer it this way too. I just wanted to check because I suddenly realized a lot of folks had them, and I’m all about being user-friendly.

  12. Thanks for the compliment about my blog, Kris….I must admit YOU are my inspiration. I just fear that it’s a little TOO neurotic for the masses.

  13. I like that popups enable you to stay on the blog page but prefer this way as the full blog can be displayed at the top. I suppose you could also have this style of page open a new window but then it would just cover the blog page anyway.

    I’ll just shut up.

  14. I’m a fan of that too, Jann. When I visit my own site I hold down the option key (yay, Mac!) when I click on the comment links, which opens them in a new window. I tend to have lots of windows open when I browse. 🙂

  15. Pop ups suck big time. Leave it as it is.

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