Day One of the “Low-Carb Diet” hasn’t been easy. I’ve been doing well at home, but the Snook is having trouble at the office. I think he’s losing it.

krisinsydney: have you had any lunch? what’ve you eaten today?
roddsnook: I had a chicken salad and water for lunch. Apart from that I’ve had a caffelatte, 1/2 glass of OJ and those couple of dried apples I snarfed this morning.
krisinsydney: wow! you’ve done well.
roddsnook: Yeah, but I’m still bloody hungry.
krisinsydney: hmmm. i had eggs and sausage (no carbs!) and i’m actually less hungry than usual.
roddsnook: HUNGRY! I’m looking at the potted-plant here with a less-than-innocent eye…
krisinsydney: Go get something!
roddsnook: no shops!
krisinsydney: You’re five minutes walk from the city, dammit.
roddsnook: Yeah, but I already took an hour for lunch
krisinsydney: Then drink a lot of water!
roddsnook: NEED SNACKY CAKE! 🙁

I’m going to have to start packing his lunch.