Bill pointed out that Joey Fatone (from N’Sync) will be joining the cast of RENT soon. I figured, given the pop star connection, that he’d be playing the role of Roger (the tragic HIV-positive sexy musician). Instead he’s playing Mark, the nebbishy asexual narrator. Hello, producers? Not the best way to satisfy the screaming girl crowds.

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  1. I saw on Bill’s comments page that you don’t know which one Joey is, Kris (twist the knife a little more, why don’t you?)…when you see him, I think you’ll know why he’s not playing Roger. I mean, I guess he could, but it would go against the type of guy that normally gets cast for that part. (Plus, Joey’s like “Mr. Serious Actor” in the group and would pooh-pooh any attempts to use him just to bring in the teenyboppers, who are more fixated on JC and Justin anyway. Joey just kinda looks like their skeevy older brother.)

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