On a sadder pet-related note… Admiral Ackbar is sick! You remember him; he’s our black goldfish with the bulgy eyes. He’s been floating on his side for the past day or so. (No, he’s not dead!) He’ll occasionally swim around, but he keeps going in circles. I went to the pet store in a panic today and was informed that he’s probably got a swim bladder infection of some kind. So I bought antibiotics and aquarium salt and all this other stuff that we’re supposed to have been dosing them with every week (but in reality, haven’t). He’s all medicated now, but the patient’s chances don’t look good. The pet store lady also recommended we use a rubber band to attach halves of a wine cork to either side of him, thus forcing him to float upright. Seriously! Now I’m starting to feel sorry for the little guy. It’s like those people who sign DNR’s, not wanting any violent or invasive attempts to prolong their lives. Maybe he’d prefer to keep his dignity and not be shackled to a cork. Maybe he’d be happier if we just let him go. Can you believe I’m contemplating the ethics of goldfish euthanasia? God forbid I should ever get anything more complicated for a pet.


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  1. Oh, dear. Maybe if we all think good thoughts, he’ll recover. Best wishes (glub, glub).

  2. Thanks Matt. He seems a little perkier tonight, but he’s still far from vertical. Snookums thinks he’s in his death throes, but I have faith. (Of course, given my terrible luck I’ve probably just condemned him right there.)

  3. Poor little fishy.

    I’m sorry to hear he’s sick.

  4. 9400 lasted like that for days before he finally bit it. i didn’t even think to go ask what was wrong with him, cause he was such a weirdo. taint (also a bulgy-eye) hated me and i think committed suicide. he wasn’t very cool anyway. but good luck with the admiral.

  5. Flushin' Ferret

    July 10, 2002 — 12:09 pm

    Ahh well. Get the toilet ready to flush the critter out to sea to rest with all his fellow fishy friends.

    Mind you he could get stuck somewhere and become a mutant fish. He’ll start eating up the residents of Sydney. I was just thinking of the dodgy film about the croc or gator that becomes a big and lives in the sewers.

    Oh how my mind wanders…..

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