There was no Friday Five last week! That sucks. Since my meme-propagation urge is unfulfilled, here’s a new one I picked up from madalog:

10 bands/artists you’ve seen live
REM, They Might Be Giants, Ani Difranco, Reel Big Fish, Indigo Girls, Violent Femmes, The Bangles, Huey Lewis and the News, Dave Matthews Band, and Ben Folds.

9 things you’re looking forward to
Our housewarming party, Snookums’s birthday, the start of summer, getting a full-time job, finishing my quilt top, getting down to my target weight, picking out a new dining room set, the Buffy Season 4 DVD, and the next release of Mac OSX.

8 things you wear every day
My glasses, my contacts, my watch, my ND class ring, two silver hoop earrings in my earlobes and one at the top of my right ear. (Altogether that makes 8 things, right?)

7 things that annoy you
Inappropriate children, guys who wear hiking boots at the gym, my inability to own a Tivo in Australia, the fact that IKEA never has anything we want in stock, insulting commercials for “feminine products”, George W. Bush, and Mac-bashers.

6 things you touch daily
My eyeballs (to put my contacts in!), my iBook, my mobile phone, my wallet, the TV remote, and Snookums.

5 things you do every day
Check my e-mail, visit my list of daily blog reads, watch Days of Our Lives, feel guilty about not going to the gym more often, and look for jobs.

4 people you spend the most time with
Ouch. The Snook. That’s pretty much it. I suppose you could count the three fish too. We do have friends, but a lot of them are outside the country for various reasons right now. And I don’t know anybody else!

3 movies you could watch again and again
Pride and Prejudice, Office Space, and anything from the Star Wars series.

2 favourite songs of the moment
Based on what I woke up singing this morning, “Dr. Worm” by They Might Be Giants and “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Embarrassing.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
You know the answer. My Snook. Awww…


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  1. I promise you now, if I do decide to breed, I won’t bring them anyplace where they obvious don’t belong. 🙂

  2. Er. That is, I won’t bring my offspring to places they don’t belong. Gah, I suck this morning. 😉

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