The Emmy nominations are out, and once again Buffy gets the shaft. Bastards. Six Feet Under did fantastically well, though. I think every one of the main cast got an acting nomination. (Don’t bother going to the official Emmy site. It’s crap. The nominations are everywhere else on the Web but those idiots haven’t even updated their own site yet.)


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  1. Au contraire! Buffy got several nominations: Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series, Outstanding Makeup for a Series (both in the Prosthetic and Non-Prosthetic categories), Outstanding Music Direction … there may be others, but GEEZ, what a long list of categories!

  2. They got some crappy technical noms, but not one of the categories they deserved. A

    nd of course, it didn’t get a nod in the Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series category, even with the postcard that was sent out after ballots 🙁
    That’s the one that’s got people Po’ed I think.

  3. Exactly. Hairstyling? Who cares. Makeup? Always goes to Star Trek. The Music Direction is a good one, but they definitely needed to get some props for the writing or acting. SMG is one of the most underrated actresses working today. (Okay, she can’t play anybody but Buffy, but she’s REALLY good at Buffy.)

  4. is that the snook on the couch right now? the atkins diet sure seems to be working. He looks really, really small

  5. Right now? No, that’s just a wadded up blanket. He says he was just down there and passed in front of it, so it is possible you saw him. He was right in front of the camera, though, so he’d have looked pretty big. 🙂

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