Okay, so the other day I was thinking about drinking games (mostly because I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in two weeks, courtesy of the diet). You know about them, right? Basically the format is a list of rules for watching a TV show or movie, and every time certain things happen you’re supposed to take a drink. Yes, it’s juvenile and stupid. Pretty fun though, too. The classic example is the Army of Darkness drinking game, which has only one rule: “Take a drink every time Ash gets hit on the head.” Legend has it no one has ever made it through the cemetery scene without puking or passing out. Anyway, so I was thinking about these “games” and thinking about blogging and suddenly the two just magically merged in my head. I thus present to you The Weblogger Drinking Game. Yes, it’s incredibly juvenile and navel-gazing and everything else bad about blogging. But what can I say? It amused me. Read on to find out what rules I came up with and suggest your own.First I came up with some rules for visiting my own site.

  • Take a drink every time Kris mentions “the Snook”. (There go half the contestants!)
  • Take two drinks whenever Kris rants about U.S. culture versus the rest of the world.
  • Take three drinks every time Kris mentions “quilting”.
  • Drink everything in sight on the odd occasion Kris mentions her boyfriend’s real name.

And here are some for other sites:

  • Take one drink for every silly quiz Brigita nicks from Nicci, and vice versa.
  • Take a drink for every mile Jeff runs. (Ouch.)
  • Finish your drink whenever Beau emerges victorious from another battle with the wildlife of New York.
  • Take a sip whenever Max mentions robots, The Simpsons, Kylie Minogue, or Martha Stewart. (Make it small sips. You don’t want to get alcohol poisoning!)
  • Chug your drink and sing a verse of “Mele Kalikimaka” every time Bill goes to Hawaii.
  • Shotgun a beer whenever Matt digs up yet another incredibly cool link or photo.
  • Everytime Nicci redesigns, slam your drink and run around the house.

Amusing, no? It’s fun because it makes you think about the unconscious habits we all have. What rules would you add, either for your own site or for others?


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  1. love it, especially the one about Nicci and her penchant for rearranging her site.

    i couldn’t tell you the last time i played a drinking game. part of me really misses the days of late night parietal-breaking games of [naked] @$$hole but it’s certainly not any liver-related part. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey now, don’t be mean! Hee hee, I’ll get everyone rat-faced no problem πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey, I can’t get in there (to see the game), but I wanted to give you a heads-up on the alcohol thing – if they have Miller Lite in Australia, which I believe they do? – you can partake. Only 3 carbs per beer! And, Michelob has a low-carb beer now, I think it is 2.7 a beer. Haven’t tried it. Mmm, beer.

  4. Ooh, now I see ’em! Fun times = your game. This inspires me to make one up too – but how many people are drinking during the workday whilst reading? (Wait, maybe a lot. Many? All.)

  5. Very fun idea!

    To Tara’s point, most of my blog reading occurs at work, sober (and if I want to continue having a work to go to, I need to maintain that no drinking and working habit), but I have been finding myself blogging more at home in the evening, beer in hand (hmm.. maybe that has just a little something to do with my lack of diet success).

    Is there a time limit to the search? Perhaps the references have to have been written in the last day, week, 10 blogs? Remember, the more complex the rules, the better the drinking game (someday I’ll become a cardinal!)

    I’ll offer up for myself drink every time I either misspell a word, wax poetic about Seattle or about food.

  6. I can’t handle work without good strong liquor myself πŸ˜‰

  7. “blogs” – change happens

  8. That’s, like, very deep or something.

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