Slashdot Meetup

Slashdot Meetup – This was excellent. The Snook and I showed up about ten minutes early, not knowing what to expect. It was at the Lord Nelson Brewery in the Rocks, which can get pretty busy with the after-work crowd. We found a little table and started looking for likely nerds, but we weren’t having much luck. Then, as the Snook went for another round of drinks, I saw a guy reading sci-fi nearby who was approached by another geeky looking type. They both said something, looked relieved, and shook hands. I took the opportunity to run over and confirm that, yes, they were Slashdotters. The Snook and I joined them, and soon our merry little group was discovered by one of the evening’s “hosts”, who had procured a big table. Pretty soon there were about eight of us crammed in. (As expected, I was the only girl.) Anyway, the talk was definitely less nerdy than expected. We talked about all the poisonous animals in Australia (my topic), the job market, home networks, digital cameras, hacking, etc. (Okay, so it was pretty nerdy.) Later we discovered another smaller enclave of people on the other side of the bar, including another girl! After a few hours and several beers, most of us headed off to The Rocks Cafe for some chow. It really was a lot of fun, especially for me, since I don’t know that many people here (much less ones that I can discuss PHP with). We’ve even made plans to meet up with some of them again soon!

I figured as the girl, I’d be the only one to remember to bring a camera. I was right. Anyway, here are some pictures of us:


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  1. I’ll be sure to bring a Camera next time… Next Time I tell you! *bwahaha*

  2. Hi Chris! Glad to see you stopped by.

  3. Yep, it was all good. Now if only I could tweak things so I look good on camera ;-). Good to meet you last night Chris. See you all next month.

  4. MEETUP rocks!

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