The minor slashdotting I’m receiving has demonstrated some flaws in my backlink system. I’m modifying it now so you may notice some weirdness. Once I get it ironed out, I’ll post an update for the GoddessBlog version.


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  1. arg, I decided to look up your blog after not reading it for ages and made the mistake of going to

  2. Ouch. Sorry about that. Whenever I give the URL to people, I always say “Be sure you put in the hyphen and the .org. All the other web goddesses are porn.” I’m glad you found your way here though!

  3. hardly your fault. anyway, the reason I came here was to look up a post I remember you making a little while back about a kind of book tracking site that kept records of all the books you possessed/were reading. You were theorizing about whether to subscribe/write your own. I searched your archive for ISBN but no results came up, and i’m sure you mentioned that.. “book” gets far too many results. Any idea of the address? I was thinking of writing one, especially since you can nopw search amazon with amazon webservices (

  4. never mind, I found it through google’s “Search Site” option. The reason the search fetaure on your site wasn’t pulling up the result was that “isbn” was in a comment by you rather than the actual post.

  5. Yeah, that project got pushed to the back burner. I did think about it recently when Amazon announced their webservices. Let me know how you go; I might be interested in doing it too!

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