Do you have any experience with composting? Our back courtyard is filled with fallen leaves and I’d like to get rid of them in an earth-friendly way. Composting seems like a good idea, because I could use the end result on all our lovely flowers and plants out there. Unfortunately most of the resources I’ve found aren’t really geared towards an “urban” setting. The systems they describe are all too big or require too much maintenance. I’ve read some good things about “vermicomposting” though (using worms to munch everything up). But I have no idea where to even start. So again, anybody have any experience with this?


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  1. My Dad used to have a big compost heap behind our shed – nothing fancy at all. It attracted worms by itself and eventually just wore down into really rich soil-like stuff to put on the garden. It bloody stank though 🙂

  2. Yeah, see, I don’t want the stinkiness. Apparently if you “turn” it enough (like, fluff it up every day), you won’t get the anaerobic bacteria that make the odor. But I’ll never remember to do that.

  3. Two sites to check are: and

    Both seem like good places to start. Basically, you need a somewhat rodent-resistant container that will allow air movement and the ability to turn the stuff every week or so. Just add leaves – broken is better, with a good layer of dirt every few inches, and a bunch of water. Then let it set for a while. Don’t let it get too hot – the heat will help create the compost to a point, but even the bacteria involved can’t handle really high temps. I’ve used plastic leaf bags, but this is chancey – they tend to get too hot and then you just get rotten, moldy leaves.

  4. glad that you asked as i’ve been looking into the subject myself, trying to figure out a way an apartment dweller could compost her vegetable peelings. i think the best solution for me would be a worm bin but yours might be something designed for the outdoors.

    i realize that website wouldn’t help you so much in the way of purchasing a container, but they do have some great articles on the subject that could help you get started, with or without some expensive composting appliance. good luck to you and let me know how it goes!

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