I just took the Which ‘Six Feet Under’ Character Are You? quiz and it was so wrong. I don’t want to be Peter Krause; I want to possess Peter Krause. I also took the supporting cast quiz and scored “Dead.” As in, I’m a frickin’ corpse. These quizzes suck. (Link courtesy of Beau.)


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  1. i’m david, and dead. whatta bust.

  2. You got David? I bet you answered “yes” to the anonymous sex question, didn’t you? 🙂

  3. actually, my answer to the anonymous sex question (which was for the supporting cast quiz, thankyouverymuch) was “Is not worth it.”

    i think i got david either because of my “I would have to say, “eggshell” or “Huge c*ck” answers. i’m sorry, but “F*ck-machine?” so not dirty enough. i know sailors, i have material. just ask trish about her trash-mouthed roommate… 😉

    ps: lavenderdisaster? great domain name.

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