When you ride ALONE you ride with Hitler!As the SUV debates continue to rage, I thought I might try to track down the WW2 carpool scare poster Tricia mentioned. Once again, Google Image Search did not disappoint. Here it is, as found on this page (which also contains another good one with Uncle Sam). Remember kids! When you ride ALONE, you ride with Hitler! Especially in big SUVs. Nazis need lots of room.


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  1. oh dear. that is terribly funny.

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your site. (Actually I tried to leave a comment and ended up double-posting and making a fool out of myself, so we’ll not mention that.) 🙂

  3. there are so many good hitler posters out now. there are a few at the modern humorist website, i think.

    You will never again see good and hitler that close together again from me. unless it’s like, hey, it’s good that hitler’s dead.

  4. errrrr

    sweety you need a password to get the bigger picture, as it were. muych like my life. i never have the password. please can i have the password? just this once…


  5. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

  6. I tried the link as well — to “this page” (nctr.co.fsu.edu/special/wwII.htm) — unfortunately it asks for a username & password…. assume that’s what anonymous is referring to, though not sure about his/her password-less life!

  7. Oh! It didn’t use to be password protected. Bummer.

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