Advice needed!
I don’t have much time left to put together my Metafilter CD Swap discs. I’ve got two possible themes/playlists picked out, but I’m not sure which to go with. The first is an entire CD of REM covers, from Tori Amos doing “Losing My Religion” to William Burroughs interpreting “Star Me Kitten”. Several of the songs are from an obscure tribute CD I tracked down many years ago. The second option is “Music to Watch Space Girls By – A Mix to Accompany Lance Bass on his Trip to the International Space Station”. Seriously. (I completely nicked the novelty theme idea from Bill.) Anyway, it’s a generally upbeat collection of all the space-themed songs I could find. So which would you rather get? Do you think people would prefer a nerdy REM collection or a nerdy space compilation? (Yeah, I’m a nerd.) Of course, I could always send out both…


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  1. I vote for LANCE IN SPACE! It’s so hot. Or, to nick a phrase from Max, it’s so tomorrow.

  2. Dude! Bass in space, no doubt! I have to know what the track listing is, LOL

  3. The Lancey-boy option!! Some people mightn’t be the biggest REM fans. Can you post the track listing to your site when you’ve finished? 🙂

  4. Everybody likes Lance. Okay, will do. I’ll post a track listing and cover art as soon as I send ’em out.

  5. Yay! So glad Lance in Space won! ‘N Sync, space travel–addd some robots and/or monkeys and it would be the best mix CD ever! And I must concur with Bill–it’s tres tomorrow (My highest compliment, as you know)!

    (Yes, I’m brazenly angling for a copy) 🙂

  6. Like Mr. Jones isn’t already at the top of my permanent “mix CD trading partners” list?? 🙂

    I may need some help from you guys though. It looks like I’m coming up short on songs. Any suggestions? I’m looking for anything space-themed, and the poppier the better.

  7. Off the top of my head (I bet you already have a lot of these):
    Cosmic Girl-Jamiroquai
    Space Cowboy-‘N Sync
    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space-Spiritualized
    Starlight-Supermen Lovers
    Star Wars Theme (Disco Version)-Meco
    Starlovers-Gus Gus
    Summer in Space-Cosmos
    Planet of Sound-The Pixies

  8. Oops–sorry I left out the line breaks up there, yo.

  9. Thanks for those, Max. I’ve got a couple already, but the other suggestions were much appreciated. Oh, and I’ve put on a robot song for you. 🙂

  10. [Max does robotic “happy dance” at the news…]

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