Good grief. Remember how excited I was that Wagamama, my favorite London restaurant, opened a branch in Sydney? I’ve just discovered the other half of that karmic equation. School Disco is coming here as well. Yes, you can now dress up as a slutty schoolgirl and get drunk on alcopops in London, Manchester, Ibiza, and Sydney. This is some globalization I could do without. (Here’s my old rant on it if you want to refresh your memory.)


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  1. I love, crave, and devour chili chicken ramen from Wagamama. Hey-the waiters now have iPacs.

  2. I applied to work in the Sydney branch but they didn’t call me back. I guess my total lack of experience waiting tables didn’t help. 🙂

  3. You forgot Ayia Napa, Dublin and Nottingham!! Ah well you can’t have everything.

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