Snookums has a new hobby – home brewing. That’s him with his first batch of “wort” down in our kitchen. When it’s all done, it’ll make 20 liters of beer. Yeah, that’s a lot. It’s currently in the first “fermenting” stage, which means that all the little yeasties inside are turning the sugar into alcohol and releasing carbon dioxide, which bubbles out that valve at the top. (I’m already getting sick of the “GLUB… GLUB…” noises every five seconds.) Then when that’s done, he’s got to fill all the bottles and let them sit to further ferment and create the bubbles. All I know is, we’re going to have one hell of a party when this stuff is finally ready. We’re not even supposed to be drinking beer! (Too many carbs, you know.)


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  1. What a great hobby, Snook! I am interested in drinking things a lot home brewing, but have never tried it. Let us know how that part-e’ goes. Tasty.

  2. There was a slash between lot/home (above) at one point. *sigh* Too much home brewing. *Hic!*

  3. We home brew but haven’tfor a while good luck with it. You tend to enjoy your own more than you might think. Try not to add too many chemicals. I will be starting on wine next.

  4. Wow, wine? The Snook is impressed. I thought it was just, like, press the grapes and there you go, but he’s telling me all this stuff about skins and oak chips and finings and stuff. Are you guys getting all complicated with it?

  5. i’m more interested in the snook’s sideburns/goatee combo look. i don’t think i’ve seen it before. tell him i said, “hey bebbeh.”

  6. We will start with fruit wines. A friend is instructing us. You don’t need alot of extras unless you have a bad batch. I am growing elderberries to try the flower wine and the berry wine, but my first will be kiwi fruit wine.

  7. You haven’t seen it yet, Aim? Yeah, he’s had that for a while now. The sideburns were a bit of a whim, but I kinda liked ’em (“heh bebbeh” indeed!) so he kept ’em. Have you ever seen a picture of him from when he had the chops? I should upload a picture. The current burns are nothin’.

    Khay – Sounds good! I LOVE kiwi fruit. We need to get you a wine-making weblog so I can follow along and see how it’s done. 🙂

  8. I hope this batch works out for you! I’ve made a few batches over the years with mixed results (the best was the Christmas beer, the worst the Irish Red that tasted more like whiskey). My dad home-brews all of the time, and his are terrific.

    I tried making hard apple cider once, but that didn’t work at all. It ferments much longer than the beer, and I don’t think I was careful enough with the airtight integrity (which is very important).

    Hmmm… think I’ll have to get the equipment out and have another go..

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