Well, we’re supposed to be a week into “Back When We Were Grownups”. How’s everybody doing? I know some of the international folks had difficulty getting a copy. So far it’s just me and Khay in the forums. I’m starting to get worried that the group enthusiasm has waned now the project has become a reality. So time for a roll call – who’s actually reading this one? (I’m not trying to rush you; I’m just wondering whether everybody else has taken a pass and we should skip ahead to the next one.)


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  1. I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon, along with a few other books I’ve been eyeing for a while. My copy should arrive in a week or so, and then I’ll join in…don’t worry, I read quickly!

  2. My enthusiasm is definitely still there — i’ve ordered from Amazon as well & should have it ASAP, so will join discussion by Monday I hope!

    See you there!

  3. Ahh, sweet. I was just having a high school “nobody wants to do my thing!” anxiety moment. Take your time, girls. 🙂

  4. I’ve got it, honest! I just haven’t had a chance to do more than pick it up and look at the cover. Hopefully I can get a good chunk out of it over the weekend, if not the entire thing

  5. I’m totally reading it, but I’m kind of disappointed that people have started discussing before the date agreed upon. Wait for us!! 🙂

  6. We’ve stopped! It’s my fault for starting it off. I was just testing out the board! No more until everybody’s ready. 🙂

  7. Woo! I got my Amazon shipment last night. There’s something quite exciting about getting a package through the mail. I got three books – all sittin’ pretty on my bedside table. I’m currently reading Lord Of The Rings, so will have to find some reading time for Back When We Were Grownups as well. How long til the weekend?

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