Oh man… a ShowBiz Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese Tribute Site! I had a birthday at ShowBiz Pizza once, before it merged with Chuck E. Cheese. It was seriously the best party ever. I got to sit in a big throne and Billy Bob (the animatronic hillbilly bear) called me up on stage to talk to him. This site is seriously taking me back. They even have mp3s! (Link courtesy of Matt.)


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  1. Let me say a few great things about this post:
    a. the use of “animatronic”,
    b. that there are mp3s, and
    c. finally giving me peace of mind that these two restaurants were not bitter enemies (…right?) – when I was little, I felt like you had to pick one over the other. Now, not so much. Oh, mousey-hillbilly harmony! Zen! I have reached it.

  2. don’t even get me started.

  3. Wow, nostalgia… I remember going down to the local Showbiz to play a round or two of Marble Madness–anyone remember that?

  4. remember when you could take your report card to chuck e. cheese and get four tokens for every A, three for every B, etc? that was one of the few times in my young life that i was happy about being a big dork. 😉

  5. I love Marble Madness! We used to rent it from the video store and play it on our NES. I’ve actually got it here now as a ROM that I can play on the PC downstairs. It’s pretty sweet. I suck at it now though.

    TD – I know! I always felt loyal to Billy Bob, since that’s where I had my party. Chuck E. Cheese was an upstart wannabe. When the restaurant converted, they took out a lot of the coolest games and stuff. It sucked.

    Amy – get over it, man! It’s been 15 years. Don’t make me bring up the fact that you got your 10-speed two years earlier than I did.

  6. I didn’t know they did that, B! That’s pretty sweet. My big nerd happiness was the Pizza Hut “Book It!” program where you had to read a certain number of books each month and then you’d get a certificate for a free personal pan pizza. Oh, and a button with gold stars. I loved that.

  7. reading for prizes? i was all over that. remember the MS read-a-thon? i think i cleaned out all of my neighbors on that one… 😉

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