This Salon article “Old and in the family way” talks about the “quality of life” issues associated with having a baby late in life. It’s an interesting read. I know I would definitely want to have my own life and career before settling down to raise kids, but do I really want to be 55 and running after a teenager? Also, the author neglects to talk about a situation I’m currently experiencing: that of the parent who had kids at a young age, and is now adding to the family again 25 years later. How old are your parents/kids? Would you have preferred it differently?


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  1. mom is 52 and dad is 60. personally, i always thought that i would have had all three kids by the time i was 30, just like my mom did. the whole thing was that i wasnted to be a young enough parent to be able to relate to my children effectively. now i know that age isn’t really that relative in the grand scheme.

    oh, and i finally bought myself a domain. it’s pending approval over at dreamhost… 🙂

  2. So you think age isn’t that important? I mean, the author of the article points out that she could realistically DIE before her kids come of age. Shouldn’t that be a consideration? I’d want to be old enough to provide well for my kids, yet not so old that the chances of me seeing their 35th birthday are slim to none.

    (Congrats on the domain name! I’ll turn you into a junior web-goddess in no time. 🙂 )

  3. you do have a good point there–i had friends in high school whose parents were already in their mid to late 60’s since they went the career first route…alls i know is i’m playing catch with my kids no matter how many advils i have to take to do so!!

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