British men’s magazine FHM have released their “World’s Sexiest Women” rankings again. J.Lo wins the top spot again, but I was more interested in the rest of the list. Let’s see… Rachel from S Club 7, Britney, Christina, Carmen Electra, Salma Hayak, Cat Deely, Charlize Theron. Sure. Okay. But there’s one more: Alyson Hannigan. As in, Willow from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”?? Not that she’s not sexy; I mean, I like her best out of all the ones on there. But she just doesn’t fit with the pop stars/actresses/big bum crowd, you know? Unfortunately I don’t think it was her intellect and personality that entranced the men of FHM; I rather think it had something to do with her character’s lesbian witchery. But maybe that’s just me being cynical.


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  1. watching buffy the other night, J. made the comment that Wil was cute. i made the requisite “oh yeah, because she’s a lesbian, right?” comment, to which he only shrugged.


  2. That was very good!!!

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