How Jedi Are You? Of course I can’t pass up a quiz like this. Check me out; I’m a Jedi Knight. Of course, I think that’s sorta the default if you’re not A) evil or B) trying to get into Padme’s pants. (Link courtesy of one scruffy looking nerf herder.)


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  1. Woo-hoo. Jedi-master. Think it was choosing the purple lightsabre.

  2. something funny going on with comments? I left a comment in the most recent book club entry, but it showed up as being posted on the 17th of July?!

  3. Yeah, I just posted about it. Damn server has done this a few times recently. Tech support will be feeling my wrath shortly. In the meantime, I’ve corrected the date on your comments.

  4. not a big deal! just letting you know that things were a little wonky.

  5. yes, i chose the purple lightsaber too. come on, who wouldn’t pass one of those babies up? but i can’t imagine a jedi master saying “bad ass motherfucka”, even if he is played by samuel l jackson!

  6. Heh. Actually, orangecat, the rumor (according to the IMDb anyway) is that Jackson had “BMF” engraved on his light sabre handle! It also says: ‘There is no mystical significance in the color of Mace Windu’s lightsaber. Samuel L. Jackson, after a jokey conversation with stunt coordinator Nick Gillard, asked Lucas if he could have a purple lightsaber and Lucas agreed. In an interview on UK TV, Jackson said he “thought it would be cool”.’ So looks like he agrees with you! 🙂

  7. I didn’t pick the purple lightsaber (I chose something about as simple as possible), but was still the BMF Jedi Master…

    Not the most mysterious of quizzes (who would I be if kept trying to get into Princess Lea’s pants?), but very fun!

  8. ***Not the most mysterious of quizzes (who would I be if kept trying to get into Princess Lea’s pants?)***
    luke skywalker, at least in the fourth film… (does homer simpson-esque shudder)

  9. looks like lucas has integrated the purple lightsaber idea into the star wars spin offs (including games:P) and is a part of the mythology now. while blue and green are good and red is evil, purple now represents one who is an aggressive with both the force and saber combat, and is the only color that is shared by both good and evil. and thats all thanks to that BMF Sammy LJ 😛

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