For some reason I found this experiment really hilarious: scientists at Cambridge University injected mice with speed and made them listen to The Prodigy. Of course, several of them died. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not pro-animal cruelty. That part is sad. It just seems like such a random experiment. What, did they put on a strobe light and give the mice miniature glowsticks too? And how the heck does this relate to Huntingdon’s disease? Weirdness.


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  1. I read a similar article recently about an elephant and his fateful encounter with LSD in the 1960’s. It all seems like bored men thinking, ‘hey, let’s see how wasted we can get this animal!” under the guise of ‘scientific research’.

  2. I’m guessing that must’ve been a LOT of LSD…

  3. “Magic people…Voodoo people!” “This isn’t a mouse rave, it’s a mouse HAPPENING!” I’m sorry, but you’re not alone in the giggling on this one. I try not to put down animal research (I give scientists the benefit of the doubt–I mean, they ARE scientists), but come on…

  4. [several inane, unreadable messages deleted]

    Holy crap, there’s troll carcass everywhere! Don’t step in it, people. Just move along…

  5. it is sick that u find it funny

  6. Okay, you need to take a reading comprehension test. I never said I found the fact that the mice died funny. I said I thought it was a silly experiment, to subject them to “rave” conditions. I also didn’t see the connection to the disease they were supposed to be studying. Read it again and think for two seconds. I was laughing at how POINTLESS the whole thing seemed, and everyone else was agreeing with me.

    I’d also like to introduce you to the SHIFT-KEY on your keyboard, as well as the wonders of spell check. Please use them next time you come trolling.

  7. perhaps instead of laughing about how pointless the experiment is you should be campaigning to have these barbaric and disgusting things stopped.
    and as far as im aware there is no law about using the shift key. let me know if you find one.

  8. i think that you are extremely petty – trying to insult somebody about using a shift – key! please get over it as there are more important things in life.

  9. You mean like an off-hand remark someone made on a weblog almost two years ago? Thank GOD you’re fighting the good fight.

    *eye roll*

  10. well, at least im not laughing over the horrific fate of innocent animals!

  11. Good grief. I’m getting weary of this anonymous animal defender’s utter lack of humor. Consider the post killed.

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