Health Report: I am back in action, friends. The tummy bug seems to have fled and I’m feeling a lot better (though I already miss its pseudo-bulimic weight loss side effects). I even ventured back to the gym today for another round of Body Pump. Overall I’ve lost just shy of 20 pounds since starting Atkins six weeks ago. Isn’t that insane? I don’t feel like I’ve lost 20 pounds. I don’t think I look that dramatically different. I have noticed little things, like my jeans being looser and fitted blouses looking better. I guess since I’ve been putting on muscle it’s not so much getting smaller as getting denser. Anyway, onwards and upwards… and thanks for all the kind words over the weekend.


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  1. Wow! Major weight loss; congrats! You have will-power of steel. Next time you’re in the gym, pick up two 10 pound weights and feel how much you’re not carrying around anymore.

    I’m glad that you’re feeling better, Kris!

  2. That is pretty damn good going!

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