I’m playing around with some new software called Kung Tunes. It uploads the details of whatever current mp3 is playing in iTunes to the site. You can see it down on the right under “listening”.


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  1. Do you like it? My copy worked like a charm until a couple of weeks ago, when the automatic FTP-ing function stopped working. I may have to download another copy to fix it.

  2. So far it seems to be okay. I’ve gotten a few error messages and random crashing, but if I restart it generally comes good. Have you checked (or unchecked) the “use PASV-mode” preference box? Mine wouldn’t FTP until I unchecked it.

  3. I like it, too. My PASV box was checked so I unchecked it. Then it would quit whenever it tried to upload. So I changed/saved the preferences, then quit. When it was restarted, it worked. Whew.

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