New Poll: One thing we’ve been really missing on this Atkins diet is crunchiness. It’s just hard to get a satisfying crunch that doesn’t involved flour or potatoes or carbs at some point. The Snook has been researching though and has come up with a solution: pork rinds. Not only can we eat them as snacks, he says, but we can also crush them up and use them as breading. He’s even found a recipe that uses them to make french toast. I have no idea how that works, and quite frankly, I don’t want to know. I’m pretty much anti-pork-rind myself. The whole concept just reminds me of those dried pig ears you buy for dogs at the pet store. *shudder* Come on, back me up here.


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  1. Honey, you gotta live a little! Try to hot-up-to-a-point rinds. They’re so good. And you SO can make breading out of them. My mom also said try corn flakes, but I think that’s an Adkin’s no-no. xxx P.s. Ma says Hi.

  2. dude, a “satisfying” crunchiness? how ’bout VEGETABLES. ever heard of a carrot? cucumbers? celery? can you get corn-on-the-cob somewhere in australia? jeez, you guys kill me.

  3. Amy, I’m eating more vegetables per day than I’ve ever eaten in my life before. I eat spinach, squash, broccoli, asparagus, green beans… Yes, ME, the lifelong picky-picky eats all that stuff happily. I eat lots of almonds and macadamias too. It’s just not the same as crunching into a Dorito though, you know? We used to eat corn, but it’s on the forbidden list now. I did manage to find some low-carb “soy and linseed” bread yesterday so I had a piece of toast with my breakfast. That was nice.

  4. Try to think of pork rinds as “dried bacon” and I think you’ll be OK. And I suspect the sweetness will overpower the, er, *meatiness* of the French Toast, but I’m kinda grossed out by that too.

  5. Howie – a nice filler can be sunflower/pumpkin seeds. Then, you get some crackle, and some salt. And, stuff in your teeth. And, hickdom.

  6. Great idea, Tara. Last Halloween, in addition to our Martha Stewart tiered Jack ‘O Lantern, I cooked up the pumpkin seeds with different spices: I had a standard garlic salt and pepper variety, an “Indian mix” with curry, cumin, and corrainder, and “kettle seeds” made with equal parts sugar and salt. My favorite was the garlic salt one.

  7. Another common veg to eat in diets instead of snacks between meals are carrots.

    I’m eating them now and slowing turning into a rabbit.

  8. carrots are forbidden, doc! they are an atkins no-no. but, nice attempt. carrots are tasty.

  9. I was turned off pumpkin seeds for life when Liz and Eileen tried to roast them in PW one year. They got kinda burnt. That smell hung around forever. Sesame seeds are good with me though. The only problem with nuts is once I start to eat them I tend not to stop. The whole concept of “portions” doesn’t really come into it. So I try to avoid ’em as much as possible.

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