Oh. My. God. CBS is making a reality television show about hillbillies. They’re going to transplant a real “rural, lower-middle class family” to a Beverly Hills mansion and watch the hilarity ensue. Isn’t that funny? Or do you all find this as completely offensive as I do? Why is it okay to make fun of this segment of the population? “Imagine the episode where they have to interview maids,” laughed CBS VP Ghen Maynard. Yeah, what a riot! Those idiots probably don’t know anything about maids! They probably eat squirrels and stuff! I could die laughing. It’s so fun to exploit poor people for amusement. Ooh, I’ve got another suggestion for CBS’s fall lineup: “The Real Jeffersons”. They could move a poor black family into a rich white apartment building and film the results. Comedy gold, my friends. Hey, I can’t wait for the episode where they try to buy crack from the doorman! Won’t that be funny? What, you mean it’s not socially acceptable to make cracks about black families? Yet it somehow is when they’re poor Appalachian farmers? Bite me, CBS.

(If you’re confused, that was all meant to be sarcasm. I really am pissed about the show and I’m leaving feedback at cbs.com right now.)


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  1. Um. I’m with you on this one, honey. What a bunch of crap.

  2. shocking! i thought you were elaborating when you said “imagine the episode when they have to inverview maids”. but they REALLY said that. hello CBS? can you spell o.f.f.e.n.s.i.v.e.

  3. hmm. i was going to make a joke about mullets and NASCAR, but i thought you wouldn’t laugh. it does suck, but that’s what all tv is these days. you even watch shit like big brother, so you know. when is it going to become like the running man?

  4. Kris, you’re just upset because you were born in a town called Hicksville, ha ha 🙂

  5. I KNEW somebody was going to bring that up! 🙂

  6. Hey…you say that like there’s something wrong about eating squirrel. Don’t pretend you haven’t. Hell, I was just thrown back to reality at the Manns reunion this weekend. Man, is that a kick in the pants.

  7. Dude, nobody in our family eats squirrel! You’re going to give all these nice Internet folks a very bad impression of us… 🙂

  8. Squirrels do not taste very nice.

    A Ferret Flan tastes a lot nicer than a Squirrel Souffle.

  9. Heard about the family in Va. (who claims to be in the finals). He says ” now i know cause Jim Jones told me so”He is also homosexual with a crackling laugh and walks like he has a corn-cob between his legs. I live in the southern Appalachian Mts.He does not represent the majority here. His hometown is Dungannon “now you’ns beat that if you can!

  10. What the hell? That comment made no sense.

  11. LOL! Well, they knew what they were talking about, at least. 😉

  12. Post from anonymously above was in reference to the next “Reality Show” Beverley Hillbillies. These idiots think they are the Chosen Ones for sure. Talking about your favorite dishes **Theirs is Road-Kill. Anything they find killed on the road.

  13. Yeah, we got that. It was just difficult to tell who the “he” was, and what the hell being homosexual had to do with anything.

  14. Homosexuality could lead to ridicule for Real Hillbillies in the APPALACHIAN mts.And CBS could run into trouble by not even knowing this (some are not too smart) before it even gets started. About homosexuality I have nothing against anyone’s sexual preference. I have some good friends in this category.My beef why come to some small town to try and hide this until casting is completr and threaten the ones of us who know this and have been supportive of him with I’ll k—you if you mention this.I rest my case. Forgot to mention the “HE” in this just an unhonest person gathering up innocent people and saying follow me—I am the KING and i will make you rich.

  15. I really think we can just drop this discussion right now. You’re not making any sense.

  16. Sorry Kris I will stop this.I have not really posted on any site and my knowledge was limited to say the least. I am truly sorry.I can only say I just wanted someone to hear the truh of what I had to say.I wish you the best Kris. Have a GOOD LIFE. Good-by

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