What a glorious spring day. Mmm, I wish you could smell our garden right now. Too bad that whole Internet odor thing was a bust. You’ll just have to look at these pictures I just took and pretend.

Jasmine     Lemon tree     Peace lilies     Big lemon tree

That first one is just a bit of the waterfall of jasmine that is cascading over the fence between our place and the neighbors’. It smells so amazing. A couple other houses on our street have it too, and you can smell it the second you open a door or window. That second picture is the little lemon tree Mama Snook got us last year. It’s doing much better in our garden than it was on our apartment balcony. In fact, it’s got some little buds and we thing it’s going to flower! The third picture shows some of the gigantic peace lilies we have growing in the back corner. It’s the same plant we used to have on our clothes dryer in London, except much bigger with several large flowers. And last is our neighbors’ lemon tree, which has dozens of large fruit the size of baseballs dangling from it. The closest branch is only a couple feet from the fence, so I’m hoping a stiff breeze might knock some over our way. 🙂