Notre Dame won their first game 22-0. GO IRISH!


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  1. Yeah, yeah, whatever. ;P

  2. Suck it up, Marylander! (What the hell do they call people from Maryland anyway?)

  3. Um… Old Liners? Heh. I don’t know what they call Marylanders. I do still consider myself a Hoosier, at heart.

    I still can’t believe the Terps were skunked, though. That sucked. Justin was sooooo pissed off. I told him: “I bet Kris will be cheering when she finds out!” 🙂

  4. yeah…ND is now ranked #24 in the polls! they manhandled those terps. wellington’s the man – he said something like, “i want to win. i want to win every game…if we don’t win every game, i want to win every game but one.” dude’s awesome.

  5. willingham, i mean. oops!

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