Woohoo! Pictures from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I’m still not loving Dobby. But other than that, it looks great. And hey, Tom Riddle is hot! (Both links courtesy of Moire.)

[Related note: The Snook and I watched the James Bond film A View to a Kill the other night. It’s the last one Roger Moore did, the weird one 80’s one with Grace Jones and the Duran Duran theme song. Anyway, Christopher Walken plays the bad guy, this pseudo-German psychopathic genius horse breeder and microchip manufacturer. (Seriously.) He’s really young and he’s got dyed blond hair. Halfway through the film I blurted out, “He’s Draco Malfoy!” And he seriously is. If they ever need a flash-forward in one of the Potter films to Draco about 30 years older, Walken in a blond wig would be perfect.]

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  1. LOL! Ewww! You think? Lucius, maybe… But Draco?

  2. Well, maybe not so much the way he looks now, but rent the movie. When he was young he had these chubby cheeks, and with the blond hair and the psychopathic grin… Draco, man. I’m tellin’ ya.

  3. Heh! I’ll take your word for it.

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