The GremlinsSell out with me tonight. The other day while perusing eBay I noticed a copy of Roald Dahl’s The Gremlins going for $150 AU. It was his first book and it’s extremely rare. As that price equates to about $80 US, my jaw just dropped. To compare, here’s the very same book going for over $300 US. I’ve seen them sold for even more. I figure that all the Americans just bypassed the Australian auction since it was in a different currency. I’ve actually already got a copy, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to get another one dirt cheap. The Snook agreed that it’s a pretty good investment. So I waited and watched. The auction sat at $150 AU for most of the day, but as soon as we hit the magic five-minutes-left mark, the price started rising. I watched it go all the way to $300 AU. The Snook and I conferred and agreed that we’d go as high as $350. With one minute to go, I put in my bid… of $357.50. The odd numbers are key. Most people bid in “blocks”, so you’ve got to have just a *little* bit extra to win. I had it at $320… less than 30 seconds… then $330… only fifteen seconds… then $350… and I got it! For $355, to be exact. See, I told you the extra $2.50 was key.

Now I’m sorta having second thoughts. Not about the money; I have no doubt I’ll be able to sell it for a profit later. It’s more the mercenary nature of it. Some other fan wanted that book pretty badly and the younger me would’ve let them have it. Instead I’m just perpetuating what is already an overpriced market. Do you think that was a shitty thing to do? In my defense, I’m not fabulously wealthy and I could certainly use an extra hundred bucks or so. Should capitalism outweigh youthful ideals?


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  1. Kris, you run a freaking Roald Dahl website – you’re like, the authority on Roald! I think you deserve it as much as anyone.

  2. OK, dude- I’m gonna cuss, so close your eyes if you don’t wanna see, mk?

    OMFG! I’ve been reading this damn thing for the YEAR, and like Claire said, you ARE the fucking authority on Roald. You DESERVED it, dammit. So, you just need to tell that little voice inside your head to shut the hell up, ok? Sometimes we make sacrifices. I’m sacrificing my waistline so I can have bigger boobs. That makes me happy (somewhat). If because you buy that book, you sacrifice a couple a’hundred bucks short or whatever, but you still have money to eat, but you’re happy- go fucking nuts, ok? Do what-EVER it is you want. As long as you aren’t killing anyone or hurting children, have at it. And last time I checked, no Roald Dahl book was capable of that. Am I right? Of course I’m fucking right. 🙂

  3. Ok, I just read my post, and I must say I DO sound a little psychotic. It’s ok. Remember that completely jacked up post I did about 2 months ago and I had the flu and bronchitis? Guess who’s sick again, and replacing her blood with Nyquil as we speak?

  4. Dammit that was me trying to get the book so I could turn a profit myself. How dare you wait to the last minute I hope your happy, man how do ya live with yourself.

  5. Seriously you probably deserve it more than anyone. Quit feeling guilty.

  6. Man, you guys just refuse to let me feel crappy about myself. You’re the BEST. Even when you’re sick and delusional, like Mia. 🙂

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