Hey Max, remember that show FOX aired last year about how we didn’t really land on the moon? Well, the loony that produced it apparently tried to conduct an “ambush” interview with Buzz Aldrin for yet another moon-conspiracy film. “I approached him and asked him again to swear on a Bible that he went to the moon, and told him he was a thief for taking money to give an interview for something he didn’t do,” said the 37-year-old filmmaker. What was the 72-year-old Aldrin’s response? He decked the guy. Go Buzz!


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  1. i’m sorry, but an old-time astronaut laying out a man 35 years his junior? love that. i can’t believe Fox aired that crap… oh wait. 😉

  2. No, what you shouldn’t believe is how many of my students used that FOX special as “evidence” to show that we didn’t make it to the moon. No, wait, what you shouldn’t believe is that one of my fellow teachers (a woman I like a lot) has said, I kid you not, “I still don’t believe 100 percent that we did it.” OH MY FREAKING GOSH–what do you do with people like that? “Oh, one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind? Nah, it couldn’t happen.” That’s cynicism of the toxic variety right there. Wow, Kris–one little mention of this topic (admit it, you knew it would get me all up in arms) and my blood pressure’s through the roof while I type a rant! 🙂 Buzz Aldrin kicks ass (literally)!

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