Hooray! An actual boy has joined in the Back When We Were Grownups discussion. (Thanks, Jeff.) Who all is reading (or has read) The Lovely Bones? I have a feeling we’re going to get a lot more discussion out of that one…


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  1. I’ve got a copy. Haven’t started reading yet though. When are you planning to start the book group conversation?

  2. Oh, not til the very end of the month, judging by how the last one went. Shall we say, like, the 28th? Anybody have an issue with that?

  3. Bring on the discussion! 😉

  4. I have finished the Lovely Bones and can’t wait to start the discussion!

  5. I’ve finished it, I’m ready to discuss, and I am a boy. Bonus!

  6. Bone-dog is ranked number one over here- I think you’ll have some takers.
    *sigh* Right now, pamphlets are my leisure read.

  7. I’ve finished reading Lovely Bones – being home sick gives plently of reading time. Once I got into the story, the pages just flew by.

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