Worm“Everybody loves me, nobody hates me ‘cos I eat their scraps!”
That’s right, I got worms. (Spot the movie quote, anyone?) Well, actually I don’t have the worms yet. But I do have a worm farm! Like Brigita, I’ve decided to turn my garden and vegetable waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer with the help of a couple thousand wriggly invertebrates. I can’t wait to get some lovely “compost tea” to use on my flowers. Now I just need the worms!

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  1. Great link – I like the ‘pet poo converter’. That’s such a good idea!

  2. sweet, woman! you’ll have to let me know how it turns out if you get your worms before meself. i’ve been kinda stressed since ordering the thing, actually, since they aren’t using UPS for shipment so there’s no way to track my package and they can’t even give me a definitive ship date as it comes straight from the company’s distributor! all that aside, i’m pretty excited. most of my friends are grossed out. 😉

  3. i don’t know what the actual quote is from, but “i got worms” is from dumb & dumber!

  4. Of course! It’s when Lloyd tells Mary about his and Harry’s plans for a worm farm. I knew you’d get it. 🙂

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