New Jersey has become the first state in the U.S. to regulate G-Forces on roller coasters. Of course, the law is just pointless election-year pandering, given that it would set the limit at 5.6 G’s and no ride in the country even tops 5.0. Even Cedar Point’s Millennium Force – the tallest, steepest, fastest coaster in North America – is well within those limits. I love roller coasters and the bigger issue to me is the relative smoothness of the ride. We rode the Millennium last year and I thought it was great. No problems whatsoever. The wooden ones though… They shake and rattle me so much I have neck pain afterwards. I’ll take more G’s and a smoother ride any day.


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  1. I’m all for smoothness, too. If you ever go to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, don’t even think about going on the Thunderbolt. It’s a law-suit waiting to happen 🙂

  2. There’s a big rollercoaster at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio called “The Rattler”. It’s got huge dips (fun!), but it’s made of wood and it shakes like an earthquake. It’s the only rollercoaster I don’t like to ride. Ouch.

  3. check this out:
    we’re riding that shit in 2 weeks, baby! (i’m not so sure about it.)

  4. Avoid the awful wooden coaster Georgia Cyclone at Six Flags the next time you’re in Atlanta. It’s enough to put you off coasters forever (and put you in traction).

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