Hooray! I got worms! I ordered them Thursday from Sydney Garden and I was hoping they’d arrive in the mail yesterday. The lady called though and said she’d keep them til Monday so they wouldn’t possibly get stuck in the post office all weekend. I was disappointed. But just now there was a knock on the door, and there she was! She’d been going out to dinner with friends in our neighborhood and just decided to pop ’round and deliver them personally. How nice is that? (Did I mention she did all this without me giving her a cent?) Worm farmers are good folks. So now I got a big bucket of 2000 reds, blues, and tigers all ready to move into their new home. Pictures in the morning!

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  1. congrats, new mom! and i’m so happy to hear that the lady came made a special delivery for you. isn’t it nice when people come through?

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