Emmy Awards Reflections:
(No, I didn’t watch them. They weren’t on here. I’m looking at the pictures and pretending.)

  • Matthew Perry is looking much, much better than he used to. Good for him. In fact, all the Friends men look pretty good. The ladies are showing their age though, and not in a good way.
  • I like Allison Janney and all, but is anyone else going to have nightmares about this photo? Can’t sleep, Allison Janney’ll eat me.
  • Stockard Channing is a goddess, but even goddesses should deep condition their hair every now and then.
  • The Sex and the City ladies look fantastic, especially Cynthia Nixon. I always thought redheads couldn’t wear red? *shrug* Kristin Davis should give the tanning bed a rest for a while though. She looks orange next to the other two.
  • Oprah, Oprah, Oprah. It’s the 21st century. We don’t have to wear whalebone corsets anymore. You’re scaring the feminists.
  • I really don’t like Tom Hanks’s suit combination. It’s not flattering at all. In the last ten years he’s lost whatever sex appeal he ever had.
  • Rachel Griffiths looks smashing. The Aussies were all hoping she’d win, but popular opinion said she hamstrung herself by submitting one of her crappiest episodes. At least her dress looked good.

Okay, so what did I miss by not seeing the show? Any wild and wacky antics that aren’t getting mentioned on various news site recaps?


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  1. Corsets were big recently due to the Moulin Rouge effect. Dontcha know? 🙂

  2. Now I’m imagining Oprah in Moulin Rouge… and suddenly I’m in a very bad visual place. Thanks.

  3. I actually thought that Oprah looked nice in the dress; she isn’t any scarier than Christina Agulara (sp?) ever was in a corset…

    I think Tom changed for that photo; I seem to remember him in a tuxier looking suit during the show, looking fine.

    No crazy antics to report, unless they edited them out by the time it showed on the West Coast. There was a cute little bit about Conan looking for a love interest, making eyes at Jennifer Aniston, but other than that it was pretty boring.

  4. Here’s something weird – you said all the people looked nice that everyone here seemed to rip apart (Cynthia’s dress being strapless and hanging oddly, Rachel’s being too simple, Oprah, etc.) – funny, opinions.

  5. Conan’s wedding rign was shining brightly throughout the show.

    The whole point of the love interest joke was to add a sitcom-esque plot twist to the plot-less awards show. After making eyes with Jennifer, Brad stared Conan down and so Conan’s thoughts and eyes turned to Garry Shandling.

    Not high comedy, but cute for an awards show.

  6. TD – I thought Cynthia’s dress looked crappy in the first picture I saw her in. I think from certain angles her belly made it look all funny. But there are a couple good pictures that made me see what she was going for. It takes guts to wear a strapless gown when you’re preggers. I respect that. 🙂

  7. still can’t believe buffy never got nominated – i know it is difficult for them to find a peghole to fit it into – but it is one of the best written shows on telly. “once more with feeling”, the musical episode surely should have won something for joss whedon! if “star trek: the next generation” can be nominated for best drama, why not the buffster?

  8. that’s what i get for not watching. 🙂

  9. Kris, I’ve got a question I’ve been wondering for a while and I figure since you and a lot of visitors here are on the net like 276 hours a day, you may have an answer. Is there anywhere on the web that has transcripts of people’s speeches from awards shows (like the emmys and oscars, etc.)? I’ve looked but come up with nada. Whenever I miss those shows (which is like, always) I really want to see certain speeches!

  10. Hmm. I’ve been looking, Little, but I don’t think such a site exists. Sometimes there’ll be a fan site for a specific person that will have their speeches, but none that seem to collect everybody’s. Sorry!

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