As if that game weren’t bad enough, Snookums just sent me this optical illusion. My mind is officially blown for the day.


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  1. i refuse to believe that the greys are the same.

    :::fold arms, curl lip, stamp foot:::

    refuse. 😉

  2. Grumble. I’m with Brigita.

  3. Just An Illusion Fer

    October 3, 2002 — 6:16 am

    What a load of *@#!% 😉

  4. I printed out the illusion on paper, because I didn’t believe it either, to compare the two greys, and, much to my surprise, they were the same!

  5. I just loaded it into Photoshop and the greys are the same there too (RGB 107/107/107)… very cool!

  6. i fiddled with it in Paint and discovered the same. bugger.

  7. weird. freakish and wierd.

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