I am a raving feminist. Go back me up, girls.


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  1. I, for one, hate the expression “feminazi”. I have never understood it. I have also never understood why women are so afraid to embrace the word feminist.

  2. Maybe because it then brings you to the attention of ass-clowns like these guys…

  3. i just expect to be treated with decency and respect by my fellow human. if that makes me a feminist or -nazi, then sign me up.

  4. Here’s a generalization: women are afraid of the term “feminist” the way Dukakis was afraid of the word “liberal” back in the Regan era. Both are great things to be (in my opinion), but the words have been pretty loaded ones (fear, anger, resentment), so people stay away. I find it ironic when I hear women say that they believe in equal rights for women, but aren’t really feminists.

    Attitudes like those expressed on the MeFi link just make me too angry to respond to directly right now. I particularly enjoyed (insert sarcasm here) the comment about how strident women reminded the guy of college and he hated college. Thinking is painful for some, I guess.

    No one knows what it’s like to be verbally intimidated as a women until he walks in her shoes. Just like I don’t know what it’s like to be non-white or homosexual in America.

    I get the most obnoxious comments when I’m either running or in uniform (back in the Navy days). Certainly not trying to look sexy or call attention to myself in either situation.

    Sorry I won’t back you up in the larger discussion, but you’ve got my support here, Kris.

  5. I enjoyed your rave. I’m pleased that younger feminists are speaking out. It’s harassement and mostly sexual. Try it yourself one day and then you know the power that it gives the harasser and why it continues. Do it while walking down the street with your partner. They understand after a few comments and are likely never to be involved with this sort of behaviour.

  6. If you’re mad now ladies, check out this MetaTalk thread. One nice guy tried to point out what a stupid term “feminazi” is. It turned into an ugly, ugly mess. I’m feeling some dangerously anti-male sentiment here right now. Time to go to the gym before I post something I’ll regret.

  7. Don’t fall into us v. them thinking. It’s a trap. That’s *exactly* how they would want you to feel.

  8. hopefully what you’re feeling is more anti-moron than anti-male. afterall, them boys generally have more pros than cons. i’ll spare you the list. 😉

  9. You’re right, you’re right. I didn’t mean to tar all you boys with the same brush. I guess it’s more that I wish the nice ones would try harder to show the mean ones that such behavior is unacceptable. Can’t you bring it up at the next meeting or something? 🙂

  10. You won’t be able to change anyone’s mind, especially on Metafilter. That place is full of assholes… and you know what they say about opinions and assholes! 🙂

    It’s the same stupid argument, always and forever, with no gray area in sight… It’s pointless to even go on about it on such a forum. Remember the SUV argument?

    You know what I do? I stomp about the house and rant and rave and preach to the nearest choir. Then I chalk up the ignorance to bad breeding, or plain stupidity. And then I feel much better.

    But this is your forum, and you can voice whatever opinion you want. And it’s okay, because the majority of us share, or at the very least value, your opinions. We’re your choir! Preach to us! 😉

  11. personally, i don’t see the division along gender lines but along idiot lines. the sad fact of life is that the majority of people do not live up to even the most generous of expectations.

    The Mister says that the main source of frustration for him is unmet expectations, which can cover everything from bad service in a restaurant to airline delays to a bad phone conversation with Mom. we’ve come to realize that, while we aren’t misanthropes as we had originally thought, we just expect more from people.

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