Tears of joy, folks.
Tonight we went out to dinner to the little Mexican place around the corner. I wore my favorite black skirt, the one that’s been too tight to button for the past year. Now it fits with room to spare. I don’t care if I’m a pod person; I want to have Dr. Atkins‘s baby. (Well, not really, ’cause that’d make me all fat again. But I’d make him a quilt.)

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  1. I bwlieve that the same is dead. Died whilst jogging

  2. Nah, Atkins is alive and kicking. He had a heart attack earlier this year, but it was the result of a virus and unrelated to the diet. Pritikin (another famous diet guru) is dead, but he committed suicide after getting leukemia. I think you’re just thinking of some urban legend that conflates the two. 🙂

  3. maybe you’re thinking of Jim Fixx—the author who popularized the sport of running with his 1977 bestseller The Complete Book of Running—who died of a heart attack while running.


  4. brigita – i think about that guy all the time – thanks for the name… can never remember it.

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