Slashdot recently linked to this Slate article that predicts the imminent demise of TiVo. As many folks pointed out in the comments, Slate is owned by Microsoft, who of course want to promote their own DVR technologies (assumed to be some sort of an X-Box add-on). So it’s the usual FUD. Personally, the comments from all the happy TiVo owners have made me even more eager to buy my own. One problem – they’re not available in Australia! So I sent off yet another e-mail to TiVo headquarters begging them to offer them here. It seems like a perfect opportunity – they’ve already got the PAL unit working (that’s what the UK uses), they don’t have to translate anything, and there are several large cable companies here (i.e. Optus and Foxtel) who would probably love to do a combination-box. So what’s the hold-up, TiVo? They better put me out of my misery soon. The leaners are makin’ me crazy!


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  1. Heh heh, those leaners make you wanna buy! 😉

  2. and these pretzles are making me thirsty! 😉

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