My office spaceThe Snook and I had a visit from the Office Supply Fairy this morning. The new desk chairs we ordered last weekend have finally arrived! This is a view of my office work area right now. See the black chair over on the far right? That’s the crappy IKEA one we bought months ago. It’s still brand new. You know why? BECAUSE IT HURTS YOUR ASS. Seriously. It’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever sat on (including picnic tables and the stationary bikes at my gym). Recently we’d been using the wooden chairs that came with my desk (technically a table), which can be seen sitting on either side against the wall. They’re pretty uncomfortable too. I made some stylin’ little red foam cushions for them, but it didn’t help a lot. Now we’ve each got our own Cogra Task Chair, which are comfy and rolly and supportive and everything else you want a work chair to be. Plus I think they look kinda tomorrow with that aluminum base.


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  1. wow, your work space is tidy. and i’m loving the exposed brick!

  2. If you like the brick, you’ll love the house. That’s the way the whole thing is done! I really do have to take pictures. Maybe tomorrow if I can be arsed to clean house.

    (And I kinda tidied it up for the picture. You didn’t get to see my dirty dishes or crumpled tissues or the cardboard boxes from the chairs.) 🙂

  3. Oh, my god, the place I used to work had those Ikea chairs, and BOY – were they bad. You could actually see the outline of the pole through the seat base. WORST.

    (I too enjoy the brick, p.s.)

  4. forget taking pictures, i really have to find a way over there to visit! 😉

  5. I’d love to see more pix; I’m also a fan of the exposed brick.

  6. I got a fancy pants executive desk chair with a high back and it was nice and all until one day I had too much fun with it, tipped over backwards, and it broke. Completely lame. They should sell insurance with those things. Now I have to sit on a fold-up chair that came with my card table.

  7. That’s a sad story, Dan, but I can’t help giggling when I picture you going over backwards like Ozzy Osbourne… 🙂

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