I just came from the grocery store where I happily discovered that Vanilla Coke is finally available in Australia. I’m tasting it for the first time right now. It’s… surprisingly good! I read that some people thought it was overpowering or chemical-ish, but I think it’s just right. Of course, as sugar is a no-no on Atkins, it might just be the shock of having my first “real” Coke in three months. Do they have a Diet Vanilla Coke? They didn’t have it at my store. If they do, I’m all over that stuff.

Update: ACK! I just realized that the 600 mL bottle (of which I drank the whole thing) has 66 grams of carbs, 99% of which come from sugar! That’s three times the recommended Induction limit! No more Vanilla Coke for me til I locate Diet.

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  1. There is a diet version out, Kris, but it’s still pretty new over here–so who knows when it will make its way to you.

    I admire you for being able to stomach the stuff, by the way, because I am definitely NOT a fan. Give me the Diet Coke with Lemon any day…

  2. yeah, the lemon’s pretty damn good. hey, there’s even a new low-carb beer out here now. michelob “ultra.” something like 95 calories and 20 grams of carbs? haven’t tried it yet. it’s probably shite.

    btw, what’s this “induction” limit? does the term not frighten you a little bit? don’t you mean the ASSIMILATION limit?

  3. i found vanilla coke to be a bit too sweet – i love cherry coke though and wish they would bring it back over here… it came out for a while when i was in high school and i bought it religiously. then one day i was in coles and the cases were on special with “discontinued line” imprinted on them. i bought four of them! one day i’ll get off my lazy arse and go to usa foods in elsternwick and buy some again… but the imported stuff is way expensive!

  4. Mix diet coke with Vanilla Vodka?

  5. Damn. Good idea. I think I’ve found a new cocktail! I’m going to call it the Martin. 🙂

  6. I was actuallu taught that by the ex that lives in Grand Rapids. I thought it was an American mix? Don’t drink too many in a session as it can get a bit sickly.

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