I always wondered how old people keep their dentures in place. I never thought it involved a button though. *shudder* That’s the funniest – and grossest – thing I’ve read in a while. (Link courtesy of Chris.)


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  1. that image just adds to my deep-seated (no pun intended) fear of losing my teeth. ack! eew! ugh.

  2. Eeww. Reminds me of how digestive acids were discovered in the stomach. Remember that disgusting lesson from elementary school science class?

  3. Wasn’t that the guy who had a bullethole in his stomach or something? So then could stick stuff in and then pull it back out. Yummy.

  4. There was that one and also the guy who would eat something attached to a string and then pull it out after a while for exzamination.

    This is icky; I’m very sorry for being so gross on your site, Kris.

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