What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?What Pulp Fiction character are you? I’m Fabienne. I’m pretty happy about that; she was my favorite female character. What can I say? I like pie. (Link courtesy of Brigita.)


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  1. she is a good one, with the “pot belly” and the “mongoloid voice.” (i found quote help in the most unlikely of places)

    her scenes are the ones The Mister and i quote most often, especially when we’re about to leave to go to brunch and i start talking about how i’m going to have “blueberry pancakes, with five sausages.”

    and then there’s the bit when we talk about the person “with all the $#!+ in their face.” of course we don’t use that one nearly as much since leaving the bay area. 😉

  2. Watching that movie again recently has caused my man and I to refer to certain sex acts as “oral pleasure.” 😉

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