Can you believe I didn’t mention Halloween at all yesterday? Maybe that’s because it was a total non-event here. Seriously, I didn’t see a single person in costume. The Snook claims he saw some skanky chick in fairy wings down by the train station, but she probably dresses like that every day. (We get a lot of freaks in Newtown.) We celebrated by getting dressed up and going out for a nice Italian dinner around the corner at “Da Stefano’s”. You Days of Our Lives fans will appreciate my amusement. It was nice.

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  1. Well you should get a laugh outta this….Cindy and I are out taking Colfax trick or treating last night and I am walking along when I step in this hole that was hidden by some leaves and roll my ankle and then do a header in this big pile of leaves. Funny as hell if it had happened to someone else, fortunately I dont think anyone saw me. But I do have a mild sprain and a limp today. See your not clumsy, its in your genes and theres nothing ya can do about it.

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